Meet Luke

Our friend, companion and mascot. When Luke is not out in the field and enticing people to tour new homes for sale or playing with neighborhood kids, you can find him relaxing on the beach with his favorite book. Born June 15, 2014 at Pentagram in New York, Luke had an immediate affinity and passion for real estate. He is an avid supporter of home ownership opportunities, financial security, green living and personalized lifestyle.

Luke is experienced in playful engagement, trotting, making people smile, and being orange. He loves attention, good coffee and organic food. Luke travels extensively in his role as Ambassador for NextHome Downey Properties – visiting listings, offices and bringing energy to the communities our agents serve.

Luke currently resides in Charlotte and when he is not at the beach, can often be found in the NextHome Downey Properties office lounge.


Lukes hobbies include:

Protecting humans from the mailman.  Bird dogging new listings in the neighborhood.  Drinking coffees with names nobody can remember.